How to Make Homemade Blueberry Wine

From Old Man Stino:

Making wine was something I always dreamed of doing. The first of many unsuccessful attempts was when I was ten years old. I smashed some Persimmons from the tree in our backyard, mixed it with some bread yeast I stole from my Mom, and forced it into a two liter soda bottle. Then using a balloon as the airlock I stored my concoction in the back of my closet. From what I remember, it did smell like wine when I rediscovered it a year later.

Now as an adult with access to my own fruit trees, I tried again, and at last I succeeded. It was as satisfying as I always imagined it’d be, maybe even more so since now my girlfriend and her friends are encouraging my wine making endeavors so much… I wonder why they’re being so supportive of it? They weren’t this excited when I was starting up my worm farm…

It’s also probably a good thing I didn’t know how easy it really is to make wine when I was a lad. If you can bake a cake, you can make wine.

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