How to Start a Wine Fermentation and Balance Your Must – Home Winemaking

A short video on how to start a wine fermentation. For this video, I am using Crushed and Destemmed Grapes and Fermenting on the skins. The video covers steps before fermentation, Starting the wine yeast with some time-lapse action, Active Fermentation, and Punching Down. The basic steps are to Sulfite and Add Pectic Enzyme, Balance the acid, Check the sugar, hydrate your yeast, pitch your yeast, punch down once the cap forms and continue to do so two to three times a day. during the fermentation, place a lid or cover loosely on the fermenter to keep fruit flies out. When Fermentation is wrapping up, press the grapes and transfer them to an air-tight container like a carboy. The grapes used in this video are concord from the Lake Erie region. enjoy! If you have any questions, please ask.

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